Yoga Swing Accessories

Daisy Chain Straps

Tweet Daisy Chain Straps Does Your Yoga Swing Need Them? In this post I cover what the Daisy Chain straps are, what purposes they serve, whether or not you need them; and which models of yoga swings come with them. Daisy Chain Straps come in a pair.  They are made from sturdy nylon material, and […]

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3 Spring Pull Up Bar Trapeze System For Yoga Swings

Tweet The 3 Spring Trapeze System brings a whole new dimension to your yoga swing experience; and     makes it easy to mount your yoga swing too. This little innovation gives a comfortable bounce to the action you create on the swing.  The bounce feels good and it also gives your stabilizer muscles more […]

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Rock It Stand For Yoga Swings

Tweet Rock It Stand For Yoga Swings | Yoga Swing Stand What’s a Rock-It Stand?  A Rock-it Stand is a great companion for your yoga swing.  It’s made to make your yoga swing more versatile, in addition to making it easy to set up anywhere. You may be aware you can hang your yoga swing […]

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