Yoga Swing Models

All About The Omni Gym Complete

Tweet The Omni Gym Complete Gives You Everything You Need To Get The Most Out Of Your Yoga Swing! After watching my Omni Gym Complete videos on this page, you’ll have a GOOD idea of what you can do with your yoga swing; As well as a VERY Good Understanding of exactly what you are […]

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What is the Omni Yogaswing?

Tweet If you are reading on this page, you may be wondering generally what a yoga swing is?  You may also be wondering what the differences between an Omni Swing and an Omni Yoga Swing are. has the answers to these questions, and they’re both in this post?  To get the best understanding of […]

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The Original Cotton Yoga Swing

Tweet The original cotton yoga swing was the first of all the yoga swings available.  It has 2 hand grips, 2 foot stirrups and a cotton saddle, much like the more advanced models available today. Since this post was written the cotton yoga swing is no longer available.  The Original Yoga Swing is now made […]

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