All About The Omni Gym Complete

The Omni Gym Complete Gives You Everything You Need To Get The Most Out Of Your Yoga Swing!

After watching my Omni Gym Complete videos on this page, you’ll have a GOOD idea of what you can do with your yoga swing; As well as a VERY Good Understanding of exactly what you are purchasing, The differences between Yoga Swing Models, and what their accessories are.

In the video below I get on my Omni Gym Complete and show you some things you can do with it, that can’t be done with the Yoga Swing alone.

In the video below, I walk you through the Omni Gym Complete, and I show you what the differences between the Omni Swing Deluxe, The Basic and The Regular Yoga Swing are.  I also give a mini demonstration of how to use this Yoga Swing, with or without the Sling.

The Omni Gym Complete includes The Omni Yoga Swing Deluxe, The Rock-It-Stand and The 3 Spring Pull Up Bar Trapeze System.  Use the links here to get very specific details about each piece included in your Omni Gym.

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What is the Omni Yogaswing?

If you are reading on this page, you may be wondering generally what a yoga swing is?  You may also be wondering what the differences between an Omni Swing and an Omni Yoga Swing are.

yoga swing has the answers to these questions, and they’re both in this post?  To get the best understanding of what a Yoga swing is, I recommend viewing some of the video demonstrations I’ve created for YOU Here.

You can also use the directive links on this page to purchase the yoga swing of your choice.  Make sure to have a look at our yoga swing discounts page to make sure your getting your swing at the best price possible.

The Omni Swing is the latest model of the superior yoga swings created by Tone Cardenas.  They have gone by the name Omni Swing until recently when the name was changed to Omni Yoga Swing, also known as YogaSwing Omni.

Now that you know many names refer to the same yoga swing, you’ll want to know what your model choices are and what you can do with them.

You can choose from the Omni Yogaswing Deluxe or the Basic Model.  There is only one defining difference between the 2, and that is the pull up bar with trapeze system; including a swivel.

The trapeze system does not come with the Omni Yoga Swing Basic model.

To read more about the trapeze system or purchase the yoga swing model of your choice, click here to visit the official site.

An Omni Yoga Swing Deluxe, specifically, is the most versatile of all the yoga swings created up to this point.

You can get into an almost unlimited number of positions to perform stretches and strengthening exercises.  The instability of the swing makes it possible to get a workout UNLIKE anything you can experience without one.

Your stabilizer muscles are mobilized and your whole body and mind are stimulated by the movement of the swing.  You’ll notice an improvement in your balance as your stabilizer muscles further develop.

What’s included in your YogaSwing Omni Deluxe package?

  • The 3 spring Trapeze System.
  • A Sling made for superior comfort.  It’s 8ft Long by 4ft Wide, and the material is soft rayon.  In addition the swing is cushioned, for the most comfortable yoga swing experience available.
  • 2 Foot stirrups with 3 pads on each; One pad under each foot and another on each side of your feet. You can use these stirrups for your legs and shoulders as well.
  • 4 handles in addition to the foot stirrups, in 2 different sizes.  You’ll get 2 adjustable 12 inch long handles; and 2 middle handles, each measuring 30 inches.
  • There are 5 loops on each of the 30 inch handles.  This feature makes your swing more versatile in 2 ways.  First, it allows you to move the adjustable handles into multiple positions to broaden your experience on the swing.  It also makes it possible to adjust the height of the saddle (sling), further from or closer to the ground.
  • Stainless steel safety clip hooks, designed for heavy duty.  Each hook is made to hold up to 335 pounds.  These hooks make hanging your swing and adjusting the height of the handles or sling super simple.

As stated previously, the only difference between the Basic and deluxe models is the 3 spring trapeze system, which is included only in the deluxe model package.

The Omni Yoga Swing has a weight limit of  300 pounds.  If you want to go all the way with your yoga swing experience, you might want to consider getting the full Omni Gym which includes the Rock-It Stand.

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The Original Cotton Yoga Swing

The original cotton yoga swing was the first of all the yoga swings available.  It has 2 hand grips, 2 foot stirrups and a cotton saddle, much like the more advanced models available today.

Since this post was written the cotton yoga swing is no longer available.  The Original Yoga Swing is now made from a soft, yet strong, rayon material.  Other than the change in the fabric, everything else in this post accurately describes the Original Yoga Swing.

The foot stirrups are the same design as the handles, of this original yoga swing; They’re not as comfortable as the cushy stirrups on the Omni Yoga Swing and Stretchy Velvet Swings, which are the prime yoga swings available, from the original creator.

This original yoga swing was around before anyone had thought of anti gravity yoga, in the sense that it is thought of today.  Many people have still never heard of anti gravity yoga, at the time I’m writing this.

It was in 2001, Tone Cardenas, a pioneer in weightless fitness, created the original yoga swing.  This swing is still available as of this writing, but will eventually be phased out, making way for the superior yoga swing models, Tone has created.

For those who haven’t heard, anti gravity yoga is a term coined, long after Tone’s original yoga swing invention, to describe a practice created in 2007, by Christopher Harrison.  Harrison, a world class gymnast, owns the trademark AntiGravity Yoga, and claims the practice is good for the spine and hips among other things.

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It’s true that anti gravity yoga swings are good for the hips and spine, and a growing number of people are using yoga swings for a Original Cotton Yoga Swingwhole body fitness regime, as well.

This original cotton yoga swing comes in the basic and deluxe versions.  For $125.00 you can get the original yoga swing, basic model.

For $225.00 you can get into the original yoga swing deluxe.  It’s the same as the basic model, but includes the 3 Spring Trapeze System, which adds some bounce and other benefits to your yoga swing experience.

Although the original yoga swing is great, I personally recommend getting an Omni Swing; or second generation yoga swing, for the more up to date yoga swing experience.  The Omni Swing is truly amazing and offers the most advanced and versatile features.

Do you want to get the original yoga swing, the Omni Swing or another yoga swing model now?  Save 5% on your choice of yoga swings and accessories by using the coupon code, yogasye.

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